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Jasic JET 20 ARC 400

  • Synergic MMA Funtion, Auto-Matching Welding Parameters Accordingly to the Selected Welding Electrode Diameters
  • High OCV, Strong Output, Cable of Welding with 4.0mm Electrodes & Work on 200m 
  • Extension Cord
  • Capable of All Day Welding With 5.0mm Electrodes
  • Consistance Arc Force Performance
  • Compitable With Most Generators in the Market


Unit Includes:

  • 3M Input Cable (32A, 415V, 4-pin)
  • Jasic Welding Cable 5M w/ 500A Electrode Holder
  • Jasic Ground Cable 5M w/ 500A Earth Clamp


Jasic JET 20 ARC 400

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