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Jasic JET 20 CUT 100

  • Mesh Cutting Enabled
  • Plasma Gouging Enable (CUT 100)
  • Equipped with CNC Interface, and Compatible with CNC Machines
  • Capable of Working On Input Voltage Low to 3ph 323V
  • Adjustable Post Flow Time Allows Cutting Torch Consumables to Last Longer
  • On-Demand Fan: Energy-Saving, Noise-Reducing, Limited Dust Absorption And Extended Lifespan


Unit Includes:

  • 5 Meter P80 Cutting Torch Assembly
  • 3 Meter Power Cable w/ 32A, 415V, 4 Pin Plug
  • 3 Meter Ground Cable w/ Earth Clamp
  • Air Filter Kit

Jasic JET 20 CUT 100

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