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Jasic JET 20 TIG 250 DC

  • Dash-Arc (For HF TIG Only) Delivers 99+% Arc Stricking Rate, High Consistency & High Ignition Respond Rate (50-60ms)
  • Concentrated Arc With High Stiffness
  • Weld Cleaning Function Enabled for Polished Finish
  • Smart Gas, Automatic Post Flow Time Adjustment for TIG According to Actual Welding Current & Time, Etc, 40% Overall Gas Saving


Unit Includes:

  • 3M Input Cable (16A, 230V, 3-pin)
  • Jasic WP26 7.6M TIG Torch Complete w/ Accessories
  • Jasic Ground Cable 5M w/ 300A Earth Clamp
  • Jasic 3M Gas Hose

Jasic JET 20 TIG 250 DC

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