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Jasic MAX 20 MIG 500 (Heavy Duty)

  • High Output Power, Fast Weld Seam Formation, High Deposition Efficiency
  • Capable of Long Duration Welding With 100% Duty Cycle at 40 Deg Ambient Temperature
  • Stable Welding With 1.2mm Welding Wire & 45mm Wire Stick-Out Length
  • Support MIG, MMA, & Plasma Arc Gouging Functions


Unit Includes:

  • 3M Input Cable (32A, 415V, 4-pin),
  • Jasic J Style Wire Feeder Euro Connector (SB-10-C1)
  • Jasic Interconnection Cable Assembly 70mm2 * 10M
  • Jasic Ground Cable 70mm2 * 5M w/ 500A Earth Clamp
  • Jasic MIG Torch JS-36KD Type 4M Euro Connector
  • Jasic CO2 Regulator c/w heater 36V & flowmeter

Jasic MAX 20 MIG 500 (Heavy Duty)

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