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Jasic MAX 20 MZ1000 (Heavy Duty)

  • Excellent Arc Ignition Performance, Specially for Stainless Steel
  • Limited Fluctuation of Welding Current & Voltage, Ensuring Stable Wire Feeding
  • No Wire Sticking By Unique Weld Crater Technology
  • With SAW, MMA & Gouging Functions
  • Rich Function Setting (Secondary Menu) & Protection Mechanism


Unit Includes:

  • 3M Input Cable (32A, 415V, 4-pin),
  • Jasic MK-3 Control Box + Standard Carriage + 1 meter guide rail
  • Jasic Interconnection Cable Assembly 95mm2 * 25M
  • Jasic Ground Cable 95mm2 * 10M

Jasic MAX 20 MZ1000 (Heavy Duty)

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