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Jasic MAX 20 Plasma CUT 160 (Heavy Duty)

  • Excellent Cutting Results With Limited Dross & Smooth Cutting Surface
  • Continuous Cutting, Mesh Cutting, & Plasma Arc Gouging Functions
  • Auto-Detection for Edges Starts & Pierce Starts
  • Stable Output, Remains Functional Even With Input Voltage Low to AC300V
  • Can Be Used With CNC Machines
  • Two Types of Arc Ignition Methods: High Frequency (HF) & High Voltage Pulse (HV) Arc Ignition By High Voltage Pulse Can Significantly Reduce the Interference of Arc Ignition On CNC Equipment


Unit Includes:

  • 3M Input Cable (32A, 415V, 4-pin),
  • Jasic A141 Air Cooled Plasma Cutting Torch Assembly, 8M
  • Jasic Ground Cable 35mm2 * 5M w/ 300A Earth Clamp

Jasic MAX 20 Plasma CUT 160 (Heavy Duty)

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