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Lincoln Electric Arc Invertec CC 400-S Plus (P/N: K60060-3)


Top Features

  • High current range - 400amp, enable it can work with 6mm electrode
  • S Plus model machine is installed with output choke and can weld cellulouse at vertical down.
  • Adjustable hot start and arc force.
  • Touch Start TIG makes it easy to achieve great arc start with minimal or no tungsten contamination
  • Extended cable up to 100m (350A, 70mm2) is suitable for long distance welding


comes with 

- 5m Input Cable w/ 32A, 415V, 4 Pin Plug

- 5m Welding Cable w/ 400A Electrode Holder

- 3m Ground Cable w/ 400A Earth Clamp


for Manual Metal Arc (MMA) welding


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LE Arc Invertec CC 400-S Plus

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