Lincoln Electric Arcweld TIG 201 AC/DC (P/N: K69021-7)


Top Features

  • Small and light weight yet versatile with 6 machines in one: Stick, DC TIG, DC TIG/Pulse, AC TIG, AC TIG/Pulse, TIG/Spot
  • Built-in VRD, increases operator safety in environments with increased hazard of electric shock
  • Generator Compatible, ideal for site work
  • Intelligent protection, over voltage, low voltage and over current.
  • High Frequency and Lift TIG functions for arc starting without tungsten contamination your choice of arc initiation is provided.


comes with 

- 4m TIG Torch

- 3m Input Cable w/ 3 Pin Plug

- 3m Welding Cable with Electrode Holder

- 3m Ground Cable with Earth Clamp

- 3m Gas Hose


for Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding


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LE Arcweld TIG 201 AC/DC