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Lincoln Electric Optimarc CV 500P (P/N:K60102-1)


comes with 

- Wire Feeder LWF-24 Plus (P/N: K60086-2)

- 15m Interconnection Cable (P/N: K60010-70-15M)

- 3m 500A Pana MIG Gun (Euro Connection)

- 5m Input Cable w/ 32A, 415V, 4 Pin Plug

- 5m Ground Cable w/ 500A Earth Clamp

- Drive Roll: 1.2/1.4mm Flux Cored Wire (P/N: KP61240-14R) (For Other Feed Rollers, Pls See Below Options)

- Inlet Guide: 0.8-2.0mm Steel Wire (P/N: KP61238) (For Other Inlet Guide, Pls See Below Options)

- Outlet Guide: 1.0-1.6mm (P/N: KP61233-2) (For Other Outlet Guide, Pls See Below Options)


*Promotion: Free Zeus Automatic Darkening Helmet

LE Optimarc CV 500P

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