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Lincoln Electric Arc Invertec CC400-TP (K60098-3)


Top Features

  • Advanced inverter technology optimizes arc performance in a lightweight package.
  • Suitable for 115-230V (+15%-10%) single phase use smart switching.
  • 30% more output current with the same input current allows welding up to 4.0 mm electrode with 16A input.
  • Three modes of operation DC TIG, AC TIG or Stick
  • AC or DC output for a wide variety of material types and thicknesses


comes with 

- 3.8m WP18 Air Cool TIG Torch complete w/ Accessories or

- 3.8m WP18 Water Cool TIG Torch complete w/ Accessories (Must quote with Water Cooler)

- 3m Ground Cable w/ 400A Earth Clamp

- 3m Input Cable w/ 32A, 415V, 4 Pin Plug

- 3m Gas Hose


for Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding


*Promotion: Free Zeus Automatic Darkening Helmet

LE Arc Invertec CC400-TP

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