Lincoln Electric Primacore LW-81Ni1 Mild Steel Wires (E81T-Ni1J)

a. 1.2mm wire (15kg/spool) (P/N: COPLW81E21)


Top Features

  • Exceptional mechanical properties
  • Superior low temperature impact properties and CTOD values
  • Outstanding weldability, low spatter and good beadappearance.
  • ESuitable for replacing E8018-C3 stick electrode and for weldingA588 weathering steel where colour match is required
  • Designed for offshore drilling rig construction, weathering steels, petrochemical and similar applications
  • Manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 9001 and JIS requirements


Typical Applications

  • Offshore drilling rig construction
  • Weathering steel
  • Petrochemical


Lincoln Electric Primacore LW-81Ni1