Lincoln Electric Primalloy JGS-316L (ER316L) China Origin

a. 1.6mm TIG Rod (5kg/tube) (P/N: #ETYJG308L160550W01)

b. 2.0mm TIG Rod (5kg/tube) (P/N: #ETYJG316L200550W01)

c. 2.4mm TIG Rod (5kg/tube) (P/N: #ETYJG316L240550W01)

c. 3.2mm TIG Rod (5kg/tube) (P/N: #ETYJG316L320550W01)


Top Features

  • Used with Ar shielding gas
  • Unique manufacturing technology results in an even clean wire surface
  • High quality green rod with stable and consistent chemical composition
  • Easily applied in all position welding
  • Embossed on each end for easy alloy identification


Typical Applications

  • Petrol Chemical Equipment Manufacturing
  • Power Generation Construction
  • Food & Beverage Equipment
  • Shipbuilding & Offshore


Welding Positions



Shielding Gas

  • 100% Ar

Lincoln Electric Primalloy JGS-316L