Lincoln Electric Superglaze 5183 Aluminium Wires (ER5183) Made in Canada

a. 1.2mm Wire (7.26kg/spool) (P/N: #EDS28437)

b. 1.0mm Wire (7.26kg/spool) (P/N: #ED028386)

c. 1.2mm Wire (7.26kg/spool) (P/N: #ED028387)


Top Features

  • Designed for applications where higher strength is required
  • For 5083 and 5456 base materials


Typical Applications

  • Marine fabrication and repair
  • Cryogenic tanks
  • Shipbuilding and other high strength structural aluminum applications
  • Bicycle frames
  • Railing industry
  • Offshore industry


Welding Positions

All, except overhead


Shielding Gas

  • 100% Argon
  • Mixed Shielding Gas

Lincoln Electric Superglaze 5183